Frequently Asked Questions

Does Slyn provide services only in Mexico?

Slyn provides services internationally.

Slyn has international partners, with whom it has agreements to democratize technology at all levels. The terms and conditions, scope and responsibility are specified in each contract.

Slyn typically opts for training in a virtual format. In the event that the client requires face-to-face training, the per diem and other related expenses must be borne by the client.

Like training services, Slyn typically opts for virtual meetings. In the event that the client requires that they be in person, the per diem and other related expenses must be borne by the client.

The way in which Slyn's services and products are priced depends on their functionality. Slyn markets software with the following considerations:

  • Licensing.

  • Use of computing resources.

  • Storage usage.

All of our services are priced by hour, licensing, storage, or computing power. In the case of orders in USD, if they need to be paid in another currency, the payment must be executed at the exchange rate of the Bank of Mexico on the day it is made. The hourly rates are based on an estimate of hours according to the characteristics of the project. However, there can be many factors that affect the accuracy of the estimate. In these cases, the estimated overtime hours are quoted to continue the project and Slyn continues the work only when the client has accepted the quote and made the payment.

We will be happy to collaborate and share efforts. Slyn maintains a policy of alliances with companies and institutions to jointly develop innovative and strategic projects, in which the sum of experiences and knowledge always contributes to technological democratization.